Investment projects of ‘GrandInvest’

Investment projects provide many options for investing in real estate funds. There can be a large number of variations… For those who are willing to invest in real estate with the purpose of obtaining profits from the lease, the ‘GrandInvest’ company offers a privileged acquisition of commercial real estate with ready lease business. We offer services in the complex: selection of commercial real estate in accordance with all necessary parameters as district, size, price, presence of ‘red lines’ and other characteristics. Legal services can be provided at any stage, both in complex and separately.

If you already have an object of commercial real estate, but at this stage not yield the desired level of income, the specialists of our company offer to develop a plan for your investment attractiveness of commercial real estate object, which includes: (type of activity, the direction of development, the appropriateness of the development in this area etc.), projection, repair and finishing works, commissioning of the object, selection of tenants and, if necessary, maintenance of tenants.

Our goal is to help the client to design and implement a quality product on the market, which meets all the requirements to the maximum. We have considerable experience in the implementation of successful projects, which allows creating effective commercial real estate objects that form the infrastructure and provide business development.