Charitable and social projects


One of the areas of the social policy of LLC “GrandInvest” is the realization of charitable programs aimed at supporting socially exposed groups of people. The “GrandInvest” company supports specialized infants’ homes:

Specialized infants’ home in Ufa, at Avrora Street, 9.9

Specialized correctional orphanage №2, for children with developmental disabilities, located at Richard Sorge Street, 19/1a.

The company strives to do its best to allow the pupils to have an access to the same comfort conditions for living, learning and recreation, as their peers from more affluent families.

In terms of this charitable program, the ”GrandInvest” company provides financial charitable assistance.

Social projects

An active support of children’s and youth sport events is also being conducted. The company takes part in the sport events, competitions, championships at various levels.

Since December 13, 2014 in the CSR “Chishmy” tournament was held for the Cup GrandInvest judo among young men. The tournament was attended by over 100 athletes from all over the Republic of Bashkortostan. The founder of the tournament was proktnaya Investment Group GrandInvest.