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Favorable offer for the investor is investing in commercial real estate on the first floors of residential buildings.

Buying commercial real estate on the ground floor is one of the safest types of investment in unstable economic times.

What is attractive about investing in premises with tenants?

Investment in commercial real estate with tenants can bring from 15% per annum

Differences in investing in different market segments

On the real estate market in Ufa, street-retail format premises are consistently in demand.

Commercial real estate with a ready rental business capable of generating stable and high income

The cost of commercial premises on the first floors in Ufa starts from 1.8 million rubles.

How to choose the optimal area of commercial space on the first floor? Special project "Plus rental"

In which area of the city is it more profitable to rent commercial premises of street-retail format? Special project "Plus rental"

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Article in "Аргументы и факты" magazine Zoom
Article in "Комсомольская Правда" magazine

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TV reports on the social projects of the party "United Russia", with the participation of secretary of the primary cell "Unity" of the party "United Russia" Karimov Ruslan Ramilevich.

Within the framework of the projects “House of the Gardener – Family Support” and “The Harvest Bed”, legal advice to gardeners is held.

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In the framework of the project “Yield bed” took the transfer of seeds to municipalities

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Open the capital

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