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The ‘GrandInvest’ Investment Project Group

The ‘GrandInvest’ Investment Project Group offers a variety of investment projects in real estate: sale and lease of commercial real estate on the first floors of residential buildings, with a businesses already being rented, ready businesses or businesses from scratch, ‘trusted business’ service, a selection of properties for tenants, property management, investment projects.

For customers wishing to purchase commercial premises for development of their own business, or for leasing, we offer to develop a plan of investment attractiveness of the real estate object.

Our experience allows us to find out which of the real estate sectors are relevant to the current moment and able to bring you a considerable profit. Our company has been involved in various investment projects for many years

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Our website provides comprehensive and current database of commercial real estate objects for offices, trade premises and premises intended for investment. Specialists of our company will select the object of commercial real estate to attract investments, according to your own goals and meeting all the requirements to an object of investment. When contacting us, every client can get a detailed consultation on the different variants and ways of increasing their funds, and choose the most profitable option for property investment.

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