Comparison of financial instruments

Almost every person asks how and where to invest free money in order to preserve their capital and receive a stable passive income without any special efforts.

Investment in commercial real estate – 20-23% per annum

Real estate will always be popular among the population, and its value will increase with each year higher and higher. Investing in commercial real estate is the most preferred way for investors in view of their prospects, stability and profitability. In the business sphere, a large number of people have earned their fortune by investing free funds in this financial instrument, since this method is the safest and most reliable for your capital even in the most acute economic situations.

Annual income from commercial real estate is about 20-24% per annum, taking into account the increase in the percentage of inflation. Profit is made up of the amount of the rent – on average, the figure is between 50,000 rubles per month.

Commercial real estate is rented empty and does not require additional costs for the purchase of furniture and equipment. The incomparable advantage is that finishing and repair work in the room is most often performed by tenants at their own expense.

It should be noted that for any potential buyer of commercial real estate a huge plus is the relationship between the owner and the tenant, which is regulated by the lease agreement with the designation of all the rights and obligations of the parties at the legal level. This will allow the owner to enjoy life carefree and not worry about the integrity of their rental business.

Investing in residential real estate – 6% per annum

Compared to commercial real estate, a residential property requires constant monitoring from the owner, since the relationship between the tenant and the owner is not regulated by the contract. Passive rental income is relatively low – about 15,000 rubles per month. Repair work and housing arrangement is the responsibility of the owner – also takes into account the cost of maintenance of the object and the acquisition of furniture.

Investment in a bank deposit – 7% per annum

In Russia, the annual percentage of income on deposits ranges from three to seven percent. If we analyze the rates of the last years, then there is a negative trend – the rates fall every year and, unfortunately, will fall even lower. An investor can count on 7% per annum only if a large amount of money is deposited on the deposit. Moreover, the bank will insure against this amount no more than 1,200,000 rubles.

Shares of large companies – no fixed income

This is a game of roulette, you can recoup your investments in the shortest time possible, and lose them. The difficulty of the method probably lies in the fact that it is almost impossible to buy shares of the most reliable companies in view of the high cost or the ability to buy them at all.

Investing in precious metals – 7%

Investing in precious metals may seem like the easiest way to invest your free money. But this method is quite risky. The risk is associated with high taxes both on the acquisition of the noble metal and on its sale. To put it simply, in order to recoup your investment at the initial stage, the metal must add a minimum of 33% in value to the year, which is almost impossible. That is why the income from such a “contribution” can last for a long time and at best will be about 7%.